Agate Creek Cellars


About Agate Creek Cellars


We believe good wine is one of lifeís affordable pleasures. Our love of wine has evolved from a hobby making 5-gallon carboys of wine in our garage to a business.

 We do all the wine making process by hand here at the winery.  We are so fortunate to live only a few hours away from one of the best grape growing regions in the world. Each fall we make several trips to select vineyards in Eastern Washington to fill up our bins with hand-picked ripe grapes then immediately drive back to the winery to crush the grapes while they are still cold. Now the individual creativity begins with Johnís decisions regarding cold soaking, types of yeasts, length of fermentation, when to press, etc., enabling him to create unique and delicious wines. Gentle handling is the key to maintaining the essence of the fruit. All of our red wines are barrel aged in new & neutral oak. To preserve the character of the wine, no filtration or fining methods are used in our red wines.

  We specialize in full-bodied red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Barbera. Our popular signature blendí Floodstick Red, is a Bordeaux-style blend named for the mighty Chehalis River. We also have a crisp delicious dry Riesling and an estate grown Golden Raspberry wine.

   Come visit our winery and see where the wine is actually made. John will be happy to explain his wine making process and show you around the winery & equipment. Relax and get yourself a glass of wine, explore the gardens and demonstration vineyard or just sit on the patio and enjoy the view. Cheers!